Aerodynamic Electric Sedans

Aerodynamic Electric Sedans
Apr 2023

Legendary German automaker Volkswagen has launched a brand new electric sedan in the form of the 'ID.7,' a vehicle that offers an exceptional range of 700 km by virtue of a powertrain that revolves around Volkswagen's very own 'APP50' electric motor, which is capable of producing up to 282 horsepower.
In addition to its powertrain, this electric sedan's energy-efficiency is also the result of its aerodynamic design, with a drag co-efficient of 0.23 and sleek roof shape contributing to its performance.
Thomas Schafer, the CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said that the advent of the 'ID.7' is a momentous move in that it represents the next foray forward in the company's electric motoring realm. "By 2026, we will offer the broadest electric vehicle range of all manufacturers in Europe - from the entry-level model for less than 25,000 euros up to the ID.7 as the new top model within the EV family," Schafer stated. "Our goal is to achieve an electric car share of 80% in Europe by 2030. From 2033, Volkswagen will produce only electric vehicles in Europe."
Image Credit: Volkswagen